"I’m Coming - Let 'em Know When" is changing the way people communicate their plans and ETA with those they care about - SAFELY!

I’m Coming allows you to select your destination and multiple recipients who receive your customized ETA messages at intervals you choose without having to touch your phone again during you drive. I’m Coming features “Favorite Trips” that safely allow you to start notifications with one click! I’m Coming features “Almost There” (tm) which automatically sends final messages within minutes of your arrival. I’m Coming allows you to write your own messages that can “Auto Rotate” so your can say “I’ll be home at 7:35pm, in 35 minutes” or “heya, can’t wait to see you - lets go out to dinner when I arrive at 7:35pm, in 35 minutes”. I’m Coming features bundled themed Category Messages you create, and Message Paks you can purchase, you save right in the app and use for any occasion such as Holidays, Back to School, Valentines Day, Birthdays and then organize all your messages for easy access. Best of all, it’s FREE! to Create and Track trips.  Use the Full Version for 10 trips and if you agree it keeps you and your loved ones safer, buy the full version for $2.99 or just use the free version.   Please don't text and drive.

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