“I’m Coming, Let ‘em Know When”

Innovative App sends hands-free ETA updates, improves safety & communication


Philadelphia, PA; February 21, 2017                                                           

Frankenbrains, LLC releases the innovative app “I’m Coming – Let ‘em Know When”: allowing people to update their in-progress ETA automatically and hands-free to their personal and professional circles, improving communication.                                                           

I’m Coming – Let ‘em Know When” is a patented, first of its kind hands-free GPS-based ETA custom auto-notifier that empowers travelers to send ETA updates of routes in progress to friends, family, co-workers, and clients. The FREE app, with optional in-app full version upgrade, allows users to select a destination, multiple recipients, custom messaging, and custom intervals and automatically send that information to important recipients hands-free. The app keeps the user’s location private, and keeps track of only the user’s progress toward their destination and adjusts the ETA notice accordingly ending in “trip completed” on arrival. Additional features include “Favorite Trips” which allows users to start a saved trip with a single touch, and, “Almost There”, which notifies the recipients when the user is less than 5 minutes away. The app is accurate and recipients can walk out the door and see the user driving up.                                                          

I’m Coming – Let ‘em Know When” also reduces incoming distracting texts such as “when will you be here?” as included recipients already have the updated ETA notification.  The inventor of the “I’m Coming” App and co-founder of Frankenbrains explains the motivation behind the app: “I want to let my family know my ETA and keep track of theirs without any of us taking our eyes off the road.  The intent is to keep roads safer while reducing the anxiety of wondering when someone is going to arrive in business or private life.”  Statistics show that about 25% of car crashes involve a cell phone and that young people are more likely to text and drive. Creating innovative ways to minimize distraction is paramount in helping drivers of all ages stay focused.                            

The app is intended to improve communication for uses such as deliveries, service appointments, family pick ups, home health care, childcare, commuting, business meetings, events, group functions, and peace of mind for families.

I’m Coming – Let ‘em Know When” is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.                                                         

ABOUT FRANKENBRAINS  Frankenbrains, LLC is a technology company based in Cherry Hill, NJ. Today’s official release of 1.12 comes after more than sixteen months of development.   contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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